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Our main focus at J.L.R. O’Donnell is on cosmetic dentistry in our Edinburgh catchment area and we are welcoming to anyone who needs our services. The advantages of dental implants are numerous not least getting your winning smile and confidence back. Additionally implants are far stronger than dentures and look like normal teeth. Dental implants are not just used for single tooth replacement but are a perfect substitute to bridge any size of gap by way of a dental bridge.
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    What is it you require?

    Single implants are used to address missing teeth whereas bridges are used when you have adjacent teeth missing and fixed full arch instead of dentures.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What exactly are dental implants?
    Dental implants are utilised when tooth loss has caused gaps to appear in between teeth and can be viewed as being replacement roots upon which, cosmetic teeth can be fixed. They are also important in that they underpin and support teeth either side of the gap.

    Are there different types of dental implants?
    The main types of dental implant are endosteal where the implant (looks like a small screw) is screwed into the jaw bone and the other is subperiosteal where the implants are on a framework that is fitted on the jawbone under the gums.

    What are the most common type of implants?

    Subperiosteal are placed on the jaw under the gums whereas Endosteal implants are screwed directly into the jaw – it would be dependent on the bone density of your jaw.

    Are there any disadvantages with regards to having dental implants?

    Whilst side effects are very rare, they can include damage to the jaw, nerves and bordering teeth.

    Is it feasible to have the implants done in a day?
    Yes, it is possible however please note that it takes approximately four months for the gums to fully repair themselves which involves shrinkage and hence the implants have to be adjusted.

    Can food get trapped by implants?
    Yes of course and just as with genuine teeth they have to be correctly cleaned or else it can cause plaque and infection and also gum disease.

    Is getting a dental implant painfull?
    It is not any worse than having a tooth extracted which obviously depends on your pain threshold and the type/amount of anesthetic utilised.

    Are you given a general anaesthetic when having an implant?
    Normally not because it requires an anesthetist to be there but it may be a chargeable option provided by your dentist.

    Are there alternatives to dental implant?
    If you are replacing a single tooth then the gap can be bridged by crowning the teeth either side of the gap.

    What is All On Four or All On 4?
    This is where every one of the teeth upper and or lower are replaced by a full arch bridge supported by 4 implants (sometimes 6).

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