Choosing a Dentist

Choosing a new dental practice isn’t always as easy to do as you might think. There are a number of variable factors and criteria to understand and take into consideration; these include:
  1. Practice location and opening hours
  2. Practice accreditations and standards
  3. Service availability
  4. Personal recommendations
  5. Website Reviews
It might seem obvious, but selecting a dental practice isn’t always as easy as choosing the handiest one to where you live. If you work in another area to that in which you live, and could potentially need dental appointments frequently in a place that is nearer to your work than where you live, picking one that is part-way between the two locations could be a good compromise. Be sure you get information on the business hours of the practice. If you’re not able to book dental appointments during office hours then you’ll probably be more suited to a practice which has late opening days or has a weekend service.

Dental practice accreditations and standards
All dental professionals in the United Kingdom has to be registered with the General Dental Council in order to practice dentistry. Including dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, technicians and dental therapists. Always, make sure all dental practices are registered with the Care Quality Commission and if you look on the internet, the newest inspection reports which are published by the CQC – worth taking a look online. Normally practices will have their professional certificates for these registrations on display in full view. Dentists themselves may also display their personal qualifications and proof of continuing professional development, either in the practice reception area or their private treatment rooms.

Service availability
If you are seeking NHS dentist services, be sure that any potential practice is signing up new NHS patients. If you are having difficulty finding an NHS dentist, the NHS England / Scotland / Wales website could be able to help you find one close by. Regardless of if you are planning to be treated under the NHS or privately, you will need to make sure that the dental practice which you select actually offers the services you require. If you want cosmetic dentistry, for example, then ensure that the practices you’re interested in are carried out regularly by dentists within the practice. Very few dental practices provide the same services or use the same equipment or technology, so better check before you register.

Personal recommendations
Asking for personal recommendations from friends, family or colleagues can be a good place to start when looking for a dental practice. They will have experienced treatment from this practice first hand and can give you an honest testimonial on whether they would recommend it. If you are upset with the treatment or service that has been delivered by your current dentist and feel that your dentist has been provided poor service, you might be able to make a claim for compensation.

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